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Productwise credit limit for a customer

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Hi All,

Is it possible to maintain credit limit productwise (Divisionwise )for a customer.

we sell different products like Washing machine,Air conditioner ,Refrigrator etc which we classify as division in SD Module . we want to maintain credit limit for a customer seperate limit for Washing Machine, Air Cond and ref etc .

same should be checked at the time of creating sales order (VA01).

If some one have any solution for the above scenario please let me know.

Thanks & Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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u can do it if each of these prdcts are separate divisions. u can create them as separate credit control areas basis which u can administer credit limits. if they are not separate divs then it will not be possible to do so. follow this path......img-sales and disbasic func-creidt/risk mgmt---credit mgmt.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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If you want credit check to be executed only for specific materials, you can classify these materials using some fields like material group in MMR.

Then you can enable your custom credit check in Automatic Credit control check t.code: OVA8 in the last 3 checkboxes given(User 1, 2 &3) for custom made credit check

If you want to carry out your own individual credit checks, that differ from those in the standard system, you must define them in the following user exits:





You can write a logic in the user exit whether these product wise credit limit check should be carried out at sales order level or delivery level or PGI level.

Same can be assigned based on risk category as well.

Hope this would help you,

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Vamsi. P.

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There is no standard functionality available to have the credit limits at product level, but try to build the logics and process through the three exits available in credit Management.


You can do is set credit limit, Credit control area wise.

You can use multiple credit control area, and assign the CCA to separate sales areas ( That will represent the different Region / Products, as per your requirement).

The assignment can be done in the below path:

IMG> Enterprise Structure>Assignment>Sales and Distribution>Assign sales area to credit control area

Here for combination of Sales Organisation , Distribution channel and Division you can assign separate credit control areas.

While the Distribution channels can be defined Region wise, the Divisions can be defined Product wise.

Now in FD32, Set the Credit limit of the customer , Credit control area wise.



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