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Is it possible to select two  production version for single production order?

Here the client demand is like this, They have two workcenters in shopfloor, when ever there is a production order, Let us take about 800 nos . The first 500 nos should manufacture on workcenter 1 and remaining on workcenter 2. It is like selecting 1st PV for first 500 nos and 2nd PV for ramaning 300 nos, but production order should be one only. They don't want to create another production order. This should be the situation for every time when the quantity excess of 500.

Is it possible. if possible how to do it?

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Alternatively without having to use multiple production versions, you can select a different work center at the time of recording operation confirmation  by changing the default work center (CO11N).

You may need to enable selection of work center in your confirmation profile  via OPK0