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Production order status allowing TECO with COHV (Back ground Job) for open COGI items

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Hi PP experts,

We have an issue, our client business is running with GSI_MES combination.

1. When order is created it is release automatically.

2. After that WM staging happens

3. For all components automatic back flush indicator is set.

4. Last operation has a mile stone confirmation and goods receipt done automatically.

5. The next day morning one Back ground job runs which mass processes the production orders and changing the status to TECO.

Here comes the part the client has issue with the COGI open and production orders automatically changing to TECO.

How we can achieve, so that the production orders which have open COGI items with respect to order should not allow to change the status to TECO even with the back ground Job.

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Ad 5. Why? What is to point of indiscriminately setting production orders to TECO? As per SAP Help Technical Completion of a Production Order:

Technical completion means ending a production order from a logistical viewpoint. This function is usually used, if the execution of an order has to be stopped prematurely or if the order could not be executed in the required manner and open requirements for the order (reservations, capacities) should be deleted.

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Please read carefully SAP Note 3008853-Technically complete order despite open goods movements. This note explains the system behavior, and how to change the message type to control it.