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Production in PS : routings

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Hi Experts,

My question is: in a project, i need a product (called X) which is manufactured in our plant. X has got a BOM, so in my internal activity, i call X and its BOM.

This product has a Routing, just an assembly operation of the differents components.

In the project, we don't see the routings (with the work center, type of activity (labour and machine)) (in my PS work center i can't have 2 activity type.)

moreover, for my schedule, i'd like to obtain the time it needs to product X in the activity by the routing.

do you have some solutions

Thanks for help


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Hi Benny

As far as I understood, the product X (a material from the project view) is realized using a production order. In such case, there is no direct scheduling integration with the project.

In fact, the requirement date of the material (in your case product X) is with other data are sent to the MRP, after MRP run, the production order is created using the date and quantity information etc. Within this production order the routing and the involved workcenter are used to determine the dates and capacity requirement.

You can using some PS report to let the project and Production order be displayed together, but it is not integration.

Kind regards,