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Product quota by customer in public cloud

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How can customers place orders for the product within the specified quota and time frame? For instance, the total allowable quantity is 75 units, and orders can be made from this Monday to next Friday. Customers can either place a single order for up to 75 units or multiple orders within the time limit, but the cumulative quantity from all orders must not exceed 75 units.

How can I effectively monitor customers' orders and their remaining quota to ensure they do not surpass the maximum allowed amount for a specific product?

Is it possible to achieve this with configuration in public cloud?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ezgi,

thanks for raising the question. The functionality you describe sounds like Product Allocation. You may want to have a look to Product Allocation in Advanced ATP. The Product Allocation is part of Scope Item 1JW and is available in Public Cloud.


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