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What is Difference between Strategy 10 n 40, plz tell me in detail as i know basic difference but on which point any production strategy out of 10 n 40 will be selected for production.

n if i assign 10 to one material for planning n production n meanwhile i change it to 40 from 10 then what will happen

i want to make clear selection logic n difference between 10 n 40

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Examples from Industry

Strategy 10 is used in the customer packaged goods industry because it is possible to plan the demand for ice cream very easily, for example, while a single order should not affect production.

Strategy 10 is also used for products with seasonal demand where production needs to be smoothed.

Planning with Final Assembly (40)

This strategy is probably the most widely used make-to-stock strategy. It makes sense to use this planning strategy if you can forecast production quantities for the final product.

Planned independent requirements are consumed by incoming sales orders so that the master plan is always adjusted to suit the current requirements situation. This means that the important feature of this planning strategy is that you can react quickly to customersu2019 requirements. The smoothing of the master plan is less important.

For difference refer to this link:

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Best thing to verify is as follows:

Crete PIR for two FERT materials one with 40 & other with 10.

Then observe MD04 at this point.

The create Sales order for the materials.

At this mpoint observe MD04.

You need not run MD02 to verify this functionality.


.For SG 40:

Material X has following value MD04

Stock -> 0 Nos

PIR (VSF) -> 100 Nos

2.After MRP run.

Stock -> 0 Nos

PIR (VSF) -> 100 Nos

Pld order -> 100 Nos

3.Now u have created stock by converting pld order to prod order

Stock -> 100 Nos

PIR (VSF) -> 100 Nos

4. u have received sale order from customer

Stock -> 100 Nos

sale order -> 50 Nos

PIR (VSF) -> 50 Nos

Inthis way sales order consumes the PIR.(cosumes avilable qty of PIR Not stock )

For SG 10 ,Upto 3 steps are same.

You have received sale order from customer

Stock -> 100 Nos

sale order -> 50 Nos

PIR (LSF) -> 100 Nos

Here sales order entry doesnot consume the PIR, it ill be reduced only when goods issue for sale order from stock .

I hope clear to you.



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Planning strategy 10, Sales order will not influence the production.

In 40, if the sales order exceeds the PIR, the system will create a planned order for the insufficient qty.

In strategy 10, PIR will not be allocated during sales order processing. In 40, it allocate the PIR for the sales order while doing the PGI.