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Processing Status (KBSTAT) config for Condition records on MM side ?

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On the sales side below is where the processing status is configured (mapped to Release Status values)

In SPRO-->Sales & Distribution-->Basic Functions-->Pricing-->Define Processing status.

May I know the navigation in SPRO for MM side config for Processing status ?

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Can you pls explain what you are expecting and something about your process?

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So what we are trying to achieve is...

Step 1: We are creating a condition contract using BAPI_CONDITION_CONTRACT_CREATE. Step 2: Once the contract is created the approver would approver the contract, for which we are using BAPI_CONDITION_CONTRACT_CHANGE.

During step 1, we want to set the 'Release Status' (KFRST) on the condition record to 'A', which means it is blocked.

During step 2, which is approval of contract, we want to change the 'Release Status' (KFRST) on the condition record to ' ', which means released.

In many blogs I see that the release status (KFRST) on a condition record is set through processing status (KBSTAT). And for this in the blogs they have mentioned the SPRO config which I mentioned in my earlier question.

Though we have configured in SPRO in the navigation mentioned, release status is not getting updated based on processing status. But please note that the contract we are creating is on MM side while the SPRO config I see is on SD side.

What is that you think I am missing here ? Thanks.

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