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Process Scrap

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Hi All,

1) I would like to know when we enter the scrap quanities in the BOM as process scrap or operational scrap where does the scrap quantity go?? where do I view the scrap Qty? can anyone give me TC for it?

2) when I am confirming my order also there is a scrap Quantity % where will this go and where will it get accounted for?give me TC for it?

3) The the other scrap qty is at the order while creating the order if it is entered where does the qty go? where can I view it?give me TC for it?



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Hi Suresh,

You can calculate and plan the scrap quantity that will result from production. These scrap quantities are then included in the planning run and in the calculation of production costs. Three calculation procedures are supported by the system:

1. Assembly scrap - Maintained in Material master MRP1 view. If this is maintained, the system uses this value to calculate the scrap portion at the production order header at the time of order creation. If not, you can also manually enter a scrap quantity in this field at order creation.

The assembly scrap field in the material master is updated (calculated) using CA97N transaction. This transaction uses the operation scrap maintained in the operation defined in routing (CA01).

2. Component scrap - Mainitained in Material master MRP4 view and in the BOM on the Item Detail Screen. Component scrap increases the dependent requirements quantity of the component. If a scrap quantity was planned for a higher-level assembly, assembly scrap and component scrap are added to the component level.

3. Operation scrap - Maintained in the BOM (with Net Indicator) and in the Routing. If the operation scrap is maintained in the BOM, net indicator flag must be set. This instructs the system to calculate the component operation scrap without taking assembly scrap into account. So if you have a operation scrap maintained for a BOM component, the system ignores the component scrap calculation using the Assembly scrap % and considers the operation scrap % for this calculation. If a component scrap is defined the same is added to this calculation.

As far as actual scrap confirmation for an order is concerned using any of the transactions like CO11N, CO19, CO15 etc it is the actual scrap confirmed on the shop floor against an order/operation.

Hope this answers your questions.



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Hi Suresh,

1) The scarp qty entered in the BOM item detail screen is the planned scrap qty. This you set based on your previous scrap record/data.

2) During order confirmation you enter the actual scrap qty. This may differ from the planned scrap qty.

3) When you are creating order by converting a planned order,the "scarp portion" filed(general tab) is populated with the scrap qty based on your data in BOM/Material master.Or when you are creating the production order manually you will enter the scarp qty.

All these scarp quantities are tied to production order/production order operation and you can see all these information by using tcode : COOIS.

In the selection screen choose the list type as "Order header", select the profile as "Standard" and enter other data such as plant as required. Execute...

Now in the displayed list change the layout & include "Total scarp qty","confirmed scarp" & other fields as required.You can save this layout so that this can be used in future.The total scarp filed gives you the "planned scrap" for the order.

Similarly if you choose the list type as "operation" you can see the planned operation scrap, actual scrap for operations by selecting fields "scrap qty" , "confirmed scrap" respectively



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Normally for the scrap material every plant maintain one separate storage location when ever the production order conformed scarp will moved in that storage location.

For view the scrap qty go to CO26 their u can view the scrap qty against production order