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Problems with connecting to Cockpit HANA DB

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I've installed HANA cockpit on SLES 15 and it's working well (connected to other servers hana databases instances). I need to connect to the Cockpit database itself using HANA Studio but it fails because the port 39613 (HDB instance is 96) is not open and listening on the server. Here are my questions:

The cockpit server itself uses an instance of HANA DB for its own operations. am I right?

If yes, why the remote port for HANA studio is not listening (3XX13) on the server?

How can I manage, backup and monitor the HANA DB on the cockpit server? Is it possible to use the cockpit to manage its own database (which of course if yes, not so reasonable). Should I install another cockpit server to monitor the main cockpit server or what?


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