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problem with stock transport order account assignment

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hi gurus,

I've a situation in ECC 6.0 environment in regard to STO that I hope you can shed some lights.

We're doing an upgrade from 4.6 to ECC6 and I'm doing some preliminary tests in the new box and I'm getting KI235 error message "Account xxx requires an assignment to a CO object", when I try to posts goods issue from the delivery document. When I assign a dummy cost center to the cost element, I can post the document and I get a CO and SPL accounting documents. In 4.6 there is no accounting document generated as the result of goods issue and this is what client wants. I've checked the release notes and OSS as well checked the setting for automatic account assignment in MM but I couldn't find any difference. I need to add that the material that I use is non-valuated but there is an accounting view for the material with valuation class. I'm just baffled that the goods issue for the same materials in 4.6 works without producing accounting documents but it doesn't work in ECC.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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If the material is non valuated then the accounting view should not be present, by mistakenly may be you have maintained the accounting view for the material type & maintined the accounting view in Material master.

If you dont want the accounting document generated, then you need to first de-select the accounting view for the material type & make the material as non valuted by removing the flag on Value update for the Plant.

now create anew material & test the transaction, if you want to use the sam eold material then make the Moving average price of the material to zero first & then change the Price control to S. & Test the transaction.

Thanks & Regards