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Problem with Delivery Type Determination in Purchase Order

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Dear All,

We are working on a IS-Retail Scenario where we are dealing with generic articles. While creating a PO, we have encountered an error which says:"Also specify a delivery type in case of shipping data relevance". The error message number is MEPO 099. We have checked that Delivery type NL is attached to the document type under the supplying site customizing, and supplying site is attached to the receiving site with the correct document type. Can anybody throw some light on what we might be missing out in this scenario?

Thanks and Sincere Regards,


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I suppose you are creating a retuns PO ,

Please maintain the customizing of the same in SPRO-> MM -> Purchasing-> Purchase Order-> Returns Order-> Store Return / Return Plant to Plant

here you need to maintain the delivery type for returns.

This message is trigerred only in case of Returns order

In SAP Retail, plants are referred to as distribution centers or stores. With store returns, you can map the return delivery of goods from

a store to a distribution center (this is the most common case),

from one distribution center to another distribution center,

from one store to another store,

from a distribution center to a store (although this is not very common).


For the return delivery types, you have to make settings for the item category determination.

Partner schema must be assigned to the return delivery types.

The relevant goods movement types must be assigned to the schedule line categories (for the returns in Sales). The following schedule line categories are also available in the system:

NR - Replenishment Returns and

NS - Replenishment Cross Company Returns


Assign the required return delivery type to

purchasing document category F (purchase order),

purchasing document type (NB - standard purchase order, UB - stock transport order),

the supplying plant (the one to which the goods are being returned)

The following return delivery types are available in the system:

NLR - intra-company-code store returns (purchasing document type UB for replenishment and return orders, delivery type NL for the replenishment delivery)

NCR - cross-company-code store returns (purchasing document type NB for replenishment and return orders, delivery type NLCC for the replenishment delivery)

Please maintain the required customizing

Thanks & Regards


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Dear Kishore,

We are not carryng out a returns cycle.



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what type of PO r u doing i.e. STO/subcontracting etc?



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Dear Indranil,

We are getting this error in an STO.

Thanks and Regards,


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Go to SPRO > MM > Purchsing > Purchase Order > Set up Stock Transport Order > Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule > Here check, Delivery Type "NL" is assigned to PO Documnet Type, in combinatin with Supplying Site, also check "Shipping" indicator is active or not?

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Dear Pankaj,

Thanks for the quick reply. The config that you mentioned is already in place. Any other suggestions, please?

Thanks and Sincere Regards,