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Problem with combobox in matrix

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Dear all

I have problem to get value selected in combo box when i add it in matrix.

I add with:

col = omatrix.Columns.Item(ID_COL_MAT)

col.ValidValues.Add(rs.Fields.Item(ID).Value(), rs.Fields.Item(VALUE).Value())

Can you help me?

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Antonio,

Here some code lines that are incluided inside the ItemEvent when the user selects the combo box.

If (pVal.ItemUID = "mat") And (pVal.ColUID = "ItemCode") And (pVal.EventType = SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_COMBO_SELECT) Then

Dim oEdit As SAPbouiCOM.EditText

Dim oCombo As SAPbouiCOM.ComboBox

oCombo = colItemCode.Cells.Item(pVal.Row).Specific

oEdit = colItemName.Cells.Item(pVal.Row).Specific

oEdit.Value = oCombo.Selected.Description

End If

Hope this helps,


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Hi Felipe,

From your response, is it intentional that you used two different SAPbouiCOM Column objects?

oCombo = <b>colItemCode</b>.Cells.Item(pVal.Row).Specific

oEdit = <b>colItemName</b>.Cells.Item(pVal.Row).Specific



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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Donna,

What Felipe is doing is taking the value of the column colItemCode type ComboBox and copying it to the column colItemName that is of type EditText.

So, it is normal the two lines you are pointing use a different column name.

He is reading from the ComboBox by using


and writing its value into the EditText value


Hope it helps


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SAPbouiCOM.EditText oEdit;

SAPbouiCOM.ComboBox oCombo;

oCombo = (SAPbouiCOM.ComboBox)colItemCode.get_Cells().Item(new Integer(pVal.get_Row())).get_Specific();

oEdit = (SAPbouiCOM.EditText)colItemName.get_Cells().Item(new Integer(pVal.get_Row())).get_Specific();


I got the following error message on the row "Item(new Integer...":

Row - Invalid index [66000-31]

Using debug I saw the value of pVal.getRow() is equal to 1 (int type), i'm on the first row of the matrix.

Can you help me to solve it ?

How can I get the value of combo box selected?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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there is error : the last message is for another forum

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Thank you