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Problem while releasing invoice to accounting

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When I try to release a debit memo to accounting (VF02), the system throws the following error:

Account type/account for invoice reference does not match item

Message no. F5350

Any pointers on how to solve this please?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shankar,

There are 2 situations where error message F5350 is justified on a

billing document (return, credit/memo) that references an invoice:

1) Different sold-to/Payer.

2) Different tax codes.

The check leading to message F5350 depends on customizing

of billing document type (fields TVFK-XFILKD, TVFK-XVALGS).

During VA01 the system cannot know which is the billing document

type will be used.

The system cannot forseen every possible subsequent flow.

I hope that this help you on this issue.

Best regards,


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Hello HC,

Thanks for the reply. You are correct that this problem is due to the difference in sold-to party between the invoice and the debit memo.

I have made the corrections now.

Thanks again,


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Dear Liew,

I face a similar issue, I try to post a credit memo (through SD) in reference to billing document that have already cleared (totally paid), the system pop up the below error message:

<<field Invoice Reference is a required field for G/L account - F5808>>

By creating a substitution and populate the field invoice reference of Credit Memo with value V, by pass the error but what is the cause of the error.

thanks in advance

George Radicopoulos

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