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Problem while creating Service Entry sheet using Bapi

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We are trying to create service entry sheet as per below scenario

1. PO creation using Bapi for single item having Account Assignment category as U

2. Service Entry sheet creation for multiple line items using BAPI - BAPI_Entrysheet_create

3. The account Assignment category in Service Entry sheet is Profitability Segment , we are passing the

values of Plant , business area , profit center.

the system is creating the service entry sheet with double total value .

The value in the line items are correct but the total is double.

In the Table ESKN the netwr is double the actual sum of values posted in line item of the service

entry sheet.

while creating with the same data through ML81N the entry sheet is posted correctly.

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Answers (3)

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problem resolved refer OSS note - 420334

Function module name BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE

Number of test data record **

Please note that this test data record has caused the reported issues,

there is no software error in this process.

I corrected your test data record "*********" and saved the new

test data record ********************************" in your system.

I run it and the system has created the following entry sheet:

Entry Sheet ********************

For Purchase Order ********************

Compared to your test data record "Test_OSS3" I changed the following:


PCKG_NO = 0000000001 <<<

< occupied in table

ESLL, therefore I entered packno 2


the serial numbers for the 2 account assignment combinations were

completely missing, I entered the serial number 01 for the acc. ass.

profit center AABC and the serial number 02 for the acc. ass.

combination with profit center******. Please read

3.2. ENTRYSHEETACCOUNTASSIGNMENT from note 420334 carefully.

In Parameters: ENTRYSHEETSERVICES I changed the package number

from 1 to 2 - this is the parent package number and as you would like

to enter 2 service lines, the subpackno for both would be 3. I entered

the services data for packno 3.

In Parameters: ENTRYSHEETSRVACCASSVALUES I changed the package

numbers according to the adat in ENTRYSHEETSERVICES and I entered also

the serial numbers 01 and 02 as mentioned in part


resolved with help of sap thanks.

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I had also faced a similar problem in Service Entry sheet amount.However we were creating it manually and not through BAPI.

In our case it was due to the problem in PO pricing procedure.For this we had made the corrections as per Note : 598297.Kindly check if this is applicable to your version.

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Hi Kumar,

Check these links.

[Service Entry Sheet|]

Please check through configuration also.