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Pricing Procedure

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In Pricing Procedure, example:

In Step :61 , description is mentioned as total price is Rs 57,43,978.41 which is statistical and subtotal

In Step :70 , Condition Type : ZCPR is contract price which is entered manually in item conditions in sales order , price is

Rs 43,27,000.00 .This condition type is marked as negative in control data 1 in configuration ( Condition Type )

In Step 75: This different amount is the difference between total price i.e Rs 57,43,978.41 and contract price is Rs 43,27,000.00 i.e 1416978.41

My requirement is in Step 75 , total price - contract price is to be fetched i.e Rs 57,43,978.41 - Rs 43,27,000.00 = Rs 14,16,978.41 This amount to be billed and recovered from customer

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As per your configuration, the value at step70 should be -4327000 and not 4527000. The minus is missing. You have to find out why it is missing. May be you have not maintained the condition type as -ve only in V/06. Please check this one.

Once this is done (the -ve only should be there for condition type, which is X), for step 75, you have to maintain from as 61 and to as 70 (even 74).

If these two settings are there, step 75 will have the correct amount.

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In standard PRICING the price difference functionality is provided by SAP

Example -

My basic price is PR00 - 10 USD (say your total price)

Difference value own PDIF - 5 USD

Then net value becomes 5 USD (value from PDIF), and this can be billed to customer

Once you maintain condition type PDIF then basic price PR00 become inactive.

But there is no provision to direct MINUS values fron one condition to other

So maintain Total price,Maintain contract price and maintain net after deduction


PR00 - 10 (Manually or through condition record)

k004 - 3 (Manually)

PDIF - 7 (Manually), this is billed to customer