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Pricing Procedure - statistical -- Requirement-- Exclusion

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Hi All,

Before posting I almost gone through 35 related treads.

QUERY-A: In PO pricing procedure if I tick ON statistical, still particular condition type is included in net price calculation, is my understanding of Statistical is correct? i had tried below things:

Case-1: In calculation schema Statistical Only ticked ON, still included in net value calculation. See attached SNAP-01.

Case-2: In calc schema Statistical ticked OFF, Condition type(RC00) accrual tick ON. Still same.

Case-3: In calc sch Statistical ticked OFF with acct/Accruals key, Condition type(RC00) accrual tick ON. Still same.

Case-4: In calc schema Statistical ticked ON, from maintained, Condition type accrual tick ON. Still same.

Which of above case makes correct case to avoid including statistical cond in net value calculation.

QUERY-B: For testing purpose, For gross price maintained 2 condition types(PB00, ZB11 with condition records for both) in pricing procedure with Step & counter, along with PBXX, for PB00 exclusion indication is maintained as basic price. Still other gross price ZB11 is reflecting in pricing in PO(though price calculation in not happening). Is this standard or any setting to avoid it? see attached snap.

QUERY-C: I have a scenario where, General material have a freight value(Say-100Box/0.5AUD) and for few material which have particular sizes(means these materials non standard size to transport) need a different value(Say a material is 10Ftx8ft then 100Qty/1.5AUD).These 2 cases to be included in same pricing procedure. I have followed as below, please let me now whether the below procedure works, correct me or an alternative for this scenario.

Step-1: STD freight cond type with condition record maintained for required materials/Plant/Vendor combination.

Step-2: Dimensions shall be maintained in material master(Basic data tab).

Step-3: Maintaining pricing requirement based on dimensions in material master.

Step-4: Second freight Cond type(with condition record maintained ), with a new requirement assigned in pricing schema.

Step-5: Exclusion indicator(Delivery costs-A) maintained for cond type in Step-1.

Step-6: Both Conditions shall be maintained as Item conditions.

Also it there any way to create "Pricing Requirement" based on dimensional values, instead of hard coding dimensions.

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