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Pricing - Manual Condn type

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If suppose in the pricing procedure i have included condition type Cash Discount and kept it manual.

Now when i create the sales order, i go to the conditions and put manually the condition type for Cash discount and put some 2% , i get the result. But when i again put the same condition type for cash discount and put 2% then it is taking the discount thus making it 4%. I should be able to freeze the discounts, that it can be entered only once and also the no. (i.e the percentage) should also be freezed. How can this be done?

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Just a suggestion

Check in v/06 condition type properties of conditon types whether you hve option of not allowing for the second time entry for that particulat condition type

You can also check whether any routines/subroutins could be assigned to this particular condition type such that only once it could be entered

One small prob: what could be done if user mistakenly enters some values and want to modify it later?


N Ganesh