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Pricing data is present in A-table but not showing in VK13 transaction.

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I am migrating pricing data form 3.1 server to 6.0.

I have created direct A-table insert. I am also updating KONP, KONM and KONH(without VAkey as I dont know)

But once I will go to VK13 transaction it is giving me error 'There are no condition records for this selection'.

I serched forum, but didnt get reason.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I recommend going through few OSS notes;

Note 217012 - Missing pricing Customzing after upgrade

Note 886773 - FAQ: General condition technique

Note 886771 - Generation in condition maintenance


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Hi All,

Thanks for reply , but I had fixed my issue, so updating this post for future use.

Actually I was not updating VAKEY in KONH table so it was not showing in transaction level, as an when I updated I form VAKEY and uopdate in table KONH, VK13 transaction was showing all details.

How to form VAKEY:

Vakey will be concatanation of all fields in A-table between KSCHL to DATBI.(exclude these 2).

Note: I just want to warn this direct table update is too much dangerous. There is one field known as BZIRK(Sales district) like in A table A603 ,which will form some inconsitency while creating VAKEY. and if any wrong entry will be inserted then VK11,VK12,VK13 will not work. If you will create pricing record manually also VK11 will not update it.

But in my project we went for LSMW load.

for all type of radio button in VK11, we went to recording and created many lsmw and loaded data.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Use TCode VK+C to check inconsistence in condition table.

Say, you table is AXXX.

Then in Tcode VK+C provide XXX in the provide as table.

If you don't find table, then create a condition table for AXXX.

Make sure before manintaining the condition record for the desired condition type.

- You have access sequence for that condition type.

- Then you should have this Condition table XXX in that access sequence.