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Price differece between purchase req and PO for free text purchase

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Hi there

Has anyone found a good solution for the following problem.

A free text purchase requisition item is created with a value = x. The buyer goes out to quote (not using SAP RFQ - manual) and comes back with a price change. The buyer creates the purchase order referencing the purchase requisition, but they need to change the value to x+10.

The client wants to stop the purchase order been created if the value is above a certain percentage. The standard settings in the system are for material values. Does anyone know how to extend this to a short text item on a purchase requistion?



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This is not possible to achieve in SAP standard functionality.

You can do one thing, keep Price field for the PO Document type of Text Purchases as display, which will not allow user to change the price for Text POs.

Use Release Strategy for Purchase Requisitions and keep changeability for the Release indicator as "4" and % Changeability as 10%. And ask user ro change the price in ME52N only instead of changing it in PO. If it will increase more than 10% the PR Value then system will reset the release and this PR needs to be released again.

If it is not acceptable then you can try it with user exit "MM06E007" - Change document for requisitions upon conversion into PO