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Price control using inforecord


Dear All,

I have maintained Pricing Date Control as 1(Purchase order date) in the inforecord.

When I create a PO, the price is adopted from the condition record according to the PO creation date.

But when I change the document date in PO and carry out new pricing, I would have expected it to take a new price according to the new PO date. But it does not do so!

If I change the document date before entering the other information, the price is adopted as per condition valid for the document date. But again,, if I chnage it to say current date, it does not adopt the new price.

Does it not work this way?

Please help


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Does anybody knows if is possible to copy the prices of current valid PO to the PIR?

We are using PIR to do some forecasting, so we want to make sure to start from a good and accurate base such as current PO, also sometimes there are errors in PIR so I would like to correct them overwritting the real PO price (once available)

Thanks in advance