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Price conditions in local currency for purchase order (PO) in foreign currency

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Dear SAP community,

We have got 2 prices conditions maintained in local currency (CHF) that are paid to the Custom authorities. These 2 conditions in the PO (placed in foreign currency for example EUR) are getting converted in the PO currency. Then, while posting the goods receipt (GR), we are having different amount to be paid to the Custom in local currency which is not acceptable by our Finance department due to the huge exchange rate differences generated considering the amount of PO placed in annually basis.

We are aware of the option of using the field "Price Determination (Pricing) Date Control" (at PO item level) to trigger the calculation only at GR posting. But we decided to not opt for it as it will impact all the prices condition maintained in the PO.

Bear in mind, both concerned prices conditions are statistical and used to generate a provision. Their rates are fixed and communicated by Custom authorities in CHF. Therefore, they shouldn't generate exchange rate differences during the PO life cycle. In addition, these prices conditions have nothing to do with the amount paid to the supplier as they are kind of Custom taxes.


Here is the illustration of this case:

The PO is created in EUR with an historical exchange rate of 0.9925

We have both prices condition in CHF ZBAC and ZBAP à see screenshot1 in the attachment.


While posting the GR via MIGO transaction, the system calculates first the tax amount in EUR using the PO exchange rate – see below table.

Thus, while posting the GR via MIGO transaction, the amount of the price condition (calculated in the PO currency that is EUR) is taken as the basis for calculating the amount of the quantity received.



876'638 * 3.30 / 0.9925 = 2'914.77


876,638 * 0.85 / 0.9925 = 750.77

Then the system converts these amounts into CHF using the posting date rate (GR date – see screenshot2 and screenshot3) to get both amounts 2,800.22 CHF (ZBAC) and 721.26 CHF (ZBAP).





The need is to have both "taxes pricing conditions" (ZBAC and ZBAP) in CHF to be correctly calculated by using only the GR date rate, which is not the case currently based on the above-described scenario (using the PO exchange rate).




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I´d suggest to avoid using these as price conditions and rather use two separate line items in the purchase order where the net price would be directly maintained in CHF currency.

If the above is not possible then you may consult FI for enhancement via user exit / BADI to manipulate the calculation of the exchange rate when FI document is being created during the GR postings.