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Price change while Material Ledger Period Status= Period opened

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Hello Costing gurus,

I have a small query, as per SAP price change for a material is possible if the material ledger period status for the current period is Period opened and no material movements.

But system is not allowing change through MR21, throwing error message saying current standard estimate exist, the material was costed last period and that period is close (status closing entry completed)

To the contrary system is allowing recosting and releasing a new cost estimate.

Any one know why its barring price change through MR21



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For using MR21 scenario, there are pre-conditions that (1) Material Ledger should not be active OR (2) If Material Ledger is active, then the material prices of materials whose price determination indicator is set to 3 can only be changed at the beginning of the period before all price-relevant transactions.

In your scenario, it appears that the price determination is other than 3 while activating material ledger. Hence it will not allow manual price change using MR21.