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Preventing partial DN on STO's

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Can you please suggest me the best approach to be followed for ensuring that partial DN for STO's are not dropped.

The Delivery for an STO gets created for the exact quantity in the STO, if the exact stock is available, It should not get created for the available stock, if it is less than the STO qty.


Interco STO 1 Line item, Material A, Qty 100

Stock of Material A in picking location 80

DN gets created for 80 qty

Stock again updated by 20 qty later

DN gets dropped for remaining 20 qty.

We need to stop the DN creation, when STO Line item qty <>Available qty, how to achieve this.

Customer master change is not an option currently.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Shailesh,

What is the business need to STOP  creation @ the delivery level?

We can still have this control @ the PGI level by configuration.


STO qty = 100

delivery created qty = 100

available qty = 80

If wont allow to perform PGI.

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For STOs you can only allow multiple partial deliveries or just one delivery (partial or zero).

There is no option in standard to force delivery creation only for complete STO quantity.

See KBA 1979532 - "Part.Del./Item" options are not available in stock transfer orders delivery tab to create...

it gives you some screenshots with the options.