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prblem in actual cost calculation..

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Hi GURU,i m doing cost calculation...1st i have done cost order in production order..they gave massage see log....

in log massage,

message NO. CK465,

No Price could be determined for material /batch,Shirt_LP/plant LP01,

Diagnosis:- The system could not calculate the price for material /batch,Shirt_LP/plant LP01, for valuation view 0,because none of valuation strategy in valuation variant LPV successfull


1,Check master data for material /batch shirt-lp/in plant Lp01.

2. if u have authorization for customizing ,check valuation strategy,for material in valuation --- material master i did not put the std Price in accounting view,of material master

but in raw material i have put moving avg price....

....but when i do GR with MB31..same massage gives.....

....kindly suggest me what to do...

i have created plang cost with CK11n,but i want to actual price...

kindly suggest me..



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Answers (2)

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You shold check valuation variant LPV, and see where SAP look for prices (F.ex planned price 1, standard price)

and then chech master data for material, and check if those prices are in master data.

Sometimes valuation strategy checks also purchasing inforecords then you should also check them.



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In valuation variant the priorities as follow,

1.plan price 1

2 valuation price according to price control in material master

3,std price

4 moving avg price--

but i could not under stand what to do in material master whatever u have written to check..kindly write me in i wil check all in material master regarding Costing

kindly suggest me



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at least one of those prices should be greater then 0

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Hi Perez,

SAP has provided various Pricing Strategy to pick the price from one of them needs to be maintained.

If you have maintained Plan Price 1, Valuation Price as per price control, Standard Price, Moving Average Price then in the Material Master in the accounting view if your price control is V or S maitain a value in Standard or moving average price.

Please do that in order to get rid of this message.