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PR05/TRIP Travel not displayable

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Hello all,

We use the travel expenses tool in SAP FI-TV.

Master data of the employees come from another system.

This system transfers the data via IDOC to the FI system (HR MiniStamm).

Now an employee (01.05.2022) has changed from one company code to another.

The new company code is in a different group area, with its own SAP system.

The employee is still active in the HR master data.

The department must now enter trip evaluations for the employee in the FI system.

(before 30.04.2022).

When we call up PR05, TRIP or the reporting for the employee, the error message

the error message "no travel privileges maintained", infotype 0017 is missing.

How do you solve the problem?

Does PR05, TRIP always access the current infotype 0017, even just to view old trips?

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