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PR Sort closing raised for Project cost

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Hi All,

I have a Project to which a sales order is assigned since the process is sales driven,in for one of the networks there is a component which is to be bought from external vendor. To asses the cost user has raised a PR quite a long time back and now due to some reasons he has to short close that PR and later on archieve it. However I want to know that if PR is closed then it just delete the commitment against Network and will not affect the Planned cost.

Please validate my understanding and correct me if otherwise.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hello Sandeep ,

Purchase requisitions (purchase requisition commitment) define the internal requirement for a material or a service. Purchase requisitions have a control function and you change them at any time.

PR's can have commitments and the PO can be used to reduce the commitment. If the PO is deleted the commitments are returned to the PR. You can also just have commitments on the PO which are reduced with a goods receipt.

If the PR is not fully used , you can also reduce the commitments by setting the closed indicator under the Quantities/Dates tab in the requisition. The planned cost should not be affected.

I hope this information has been helpful for you.

Best Regards,