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PR release strategy with classification issue

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I have configured PR release strategy with classification at header level with taking the follwing characteristic :


Account assignment

Cost Center

Total value of requisition for over all release procedure (CEBAN- GFWRT)

Problem is that when i Create PR release strategy not gets triggred and there is no error showing when i check release strategy in IMG.

Kindly let me know how to resolve ???



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please Check the Release Procedure Configuration once Correctly.

1. Create a Charectaricstic with CT04 for the fields to which you want to put subject to release.

For eg: Plant & Purchase Group

Create a Charectaristic like PR_Plant

Create a Charectaristic like PR_Purgrp

Just give the Table Name & Field name in Additional data tab.

In the above case



2. Create a Class with CL02 like PR_Class with class type 032. and give the Charectaristics whatever you created & Save.

3. Create a Release group like PR and mention the class which you created & Save.

Plz note for Pr Release object will be 1 & for po 2.

Check the Overall item rel Button if you want to release the document once instead of Item wise.

4. Create Release codes like Purchase Requisitoner, Purchase Head, Purchase Manager & Save.

5. Edit the Release Indicators if you want & save. (Optional)

6. Create a new Release Strategy give Release grp in your case its PR and release strategy (you can give anything like Ps) give all the release codes and save First.

7. Mark the Release Prerequisites as you like.

8. Edit the Release Status and set the Release codes as u wish.

9. Select the Release Classification Button and give the Charectaristics Values there in your case (Plant names / Purchase Grp) and Save.

10. Check the Release simulation once whether its woking correctly or not.

Or check by creating one Pr document.

Hope this will help you to Configure the Release Strategy.



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Can you tell me what are the characteristic we can take in header level ?

Now the problem is that release strategy gets triggered for one line item but when I create PR with two line item taking different cost then release tab is not there at the header level ?

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We have config the PR to release at Header level. There is no problem when there is only one line item but when we add more line item in the same PR , the release strategy not picking the next values .

Can any one tell me what we need to config to fix this issue ?



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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How you solved this problem? if you solved Please help me regard this

waiting for your reply


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Are you configured document type level, for header level you have to flag the check box..

Hope it helps


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Hi Amit,

First thing, I would like to tell you that Release Strategy (RS)for Purchase Requisition is at Item level.

So please check the release strategy at item level in the PR.

First select Line 10, then check whether Release Strategy Tab available or not.

Then select Line 20, then check whether Release Strategy Tab available or not.

If still you face problem then revert back to me along with u201Ccharacteristicu201D used in the class of PR.

Rewards are helpful.


Pradeep S Yekunde

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check config of version management is done or not. if not pl do