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Posting balance is not cleared (Period 09 / 2020 A)

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Hello Everybody,

I have seen that there are many threads on this issue and I did try to implement all of them to my Employee but the issue still persists. I am working on PCC Payroll Processes and getting this issue while simulating the posting step. There is a new hire in ECP Demo System, no retro, the payroll is run for the first payroll period. The employee has only one wage type 1003 for salary in IT0008.

Posting balance is not cleared (Period 09 / 2020 A)

I am also attaching here the screen shot which displays the exact error in RPCIPE00 program.

Can anybody please help me to resolve that?


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Answers (2)

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Not an expert on the payroll posting but.

The configuration for your postings, wage types, symbolic accounts, GL Codes, Vendors etc need to be set up to reflect how you wish your payroll costs to be reflected in your accounts and to facilitate payment to vendors.

At its most basic the posting needs to balance. It looks like your employee has a salary of $8000 but has nett pay of $5227.90. The difference of $2772.10 I presumme is related to payroll deductions (statutory and voluntary?)

These deductions do not appear to be reflected in your posting screen shot. these need to be included.


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Hi, Brendan is absolutely correct.

In terms of accounting terminology, when a GL document is to be posted, Expenses are summed at one side & balance sheet amounts are summed at opposite side (double entry system). These two side should match, then only this gl document can be posted.

The difference of $2772.10 is some deduction which is missing at balance sheet side (the corresponding wage type is not mapped with a symbolic account, and hence there is an in-balance). Identify this different amount on deduction wage types and map those with symbolic account and assign that symb.a/c with GL.