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Positive value in credit memo request

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Hi Experts,

We are creating credit memo request from sales order reference. We are using different pricing procedures for both.

In VTAA, pricing type used as X. ( no idea how it works).

Condition type YVKD is used in both pricing procedures but base calculation type used in original order but nothing in the credit memo. ( net value calculated based on this condition)

Some of the document condition type determining as positive value . Why?. ( price value is getting copied from original order).

Anyone can help.



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If you wish to understand what pricing rule 'X' does - take a look at the code in RV61AFZA, USEREXIT_PRICING_RULE.

It is hard to tell what is going on without looking at your pricing procedures, copy controls, item categories, routines, exits etc.

There might be also some special logic in a condition base or condition value routine for example, or it could be the exit that I mentioned, or it could be something else...

What I am trying to say is - your best chances are to troubleshoot the problem locally, maybe you can ask a developer to assist you.

There is a very good guide on how pricing works and how to debug it: Pricing Programs and their logic – Help for debugging. Start from there.