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Populating BSEG-ZUONR for GL Line item

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Hi experts,

I need the system to copy field VBRK-ZUONR to BSEG-ZUONR when posting a billing document. The situation is as follows:

- When I post the billing document to accounting BSEG-ZUONR is populated for the customer open item but

- BSEG-ZUONR is BLANK for the Sales Revenue line item

This only seems to occur when I define SORT KEY 000 against the G/L Account Master (SKB1-ZUAWA). Sort Key 000 is for Allocation number (which points back to ZUONR). If I use a different SORT key (such as posting date) it works perfectly (copies the posting date to BSEG-ZUONR).

Is there something I am missing in configuration/user exits that need to be switched on?

There was a mention somewhere about using function module EXIT_SAPLV60B_004 but i cannot find this program in program SAPLV60B.

Other information:

- I am in SAP 7.0

- There is no FI consultant on site to help

- I have search through WIKI to find a suitable answer for this problem but do not seem to get the exact information.

Your help is very much appreciated.



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Lakshmipathi and Shiva are right. The easier manner to solve it is with OB16.

If you want know more about the exit that you try to use, see Note 301077 - User exits for the interface to accounting. Use the table MODSAP to find the link between enhancement and components (function modules EXIT_*).



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Check OSS note 1494492 - Sort key is not copied into BSEG-ZUONR or BSEG-HZUON correctly when posting a document would help you.


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System will copy to BSEG if any value is there for the field ZUONR in VBRK table and I am not sure whether in your case, in VBRK it is there but not flowing to BSEG. Have you checked OB16, where if you select Sort Key 000 and execute, this ZUONR should have been assigned to Field1.

I appreciate your efforts to search the forum before posting.


G. Lakshmipathi