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PO release strategy not triggering when PO is changed

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I have searched the forums for an answer to my issue, but I was unsuccessful.

I am having trouble getting my PO release strategy to trigger when the PO has been changed and the characteristics of the strategy are present.

I have set up a PO release strategy as follows:




version number (versions 1-10),

document type,

tolerance flag (USRC1)

I am setting the tolerance flag (USRC1) within the function module EXIT_SAPLEBND_002, and I've proven through debugging my code that I am successfully setting this flag. I am also setting E_CEKKO = I_CEKKO within this user exit.

I've run a check on my release strategy, and it has no errors - all is "green". I am also able to perform a "release simulation" within the IMG.

I'd appreciate any help you could provide.

EDIT 11:22pm: I wanted to add that I rebuilt my release strategy from scratch - adding one characteristic to the PO class at a time and testing it as I did so. The release strategy was triggered each time until I got to the USRC1 characteristic. I debugged my code again, and I found the problem. Even though I am successfully setting the USRC1 value in my code (I_CEKKO-USRC1 = 'Y'.) and also setting E_CEKKO = I_CEKKO, the USRC1 value in E_CEKKO is not being set. Has anyone seen this problem before? How can I resolve this?


Angela Lee

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Answers (5)

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I've managed to figure out a solution to my problem on my own.

Closing this thread.



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what was the solution.

can you pls tel for the benefit of everybody


sap man

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Sure. Well, as I stated in the initial post, I had already put the following lines of code (among others) in function module EXIT_SAPLEBND_002:



In order for the USRC1 value to successfully pass to E_CEKKO and trigger my PO release strategy, I also had to add the following line of code immediately after I_CEKKO-USRC1 = 'Y'.:

move-corresponding i_cekko to e_cekko.

I also deactivated my project and then reactivated it, but I don't know if that made a difference or not.



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Try this.

SPRO -> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Release Procedure for Purchase Orders -> Define Release Procedure for Purchase Orders -> Release Indicator -> Maintain value '6' in the third column 'changeable'.

Your PO will trigger release as it get changed.

Reward if helpful.

Thanks & Regards

Kapil Nanda

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I will clarify the problem. My PO release strategy has 4 characteristics:

Version Number

Document Type


Tolerance flag (User characteristic USRC1)

In order to figure out why my release strategy wasn't working, I rebuilt my release strategy from scratch. I added back one characteristic at a time to the release strategy and performed a test by changing a PO to see if the release strategy was triggered. It worked for Version Number, Version Number and Doc Type, and Version Number/Doc Type/Plant. When I added Tolerance flag (USRC1), my release strategy failed to trigger. I debugged the code I added in the SAP recommended enhancement for this purpose (EXIT_SAPLEBND_002). I confirmed that I was correctly setting my tolerance flag within the user exit. For some reason that I can't determine, my release strategy still isn't being triggered.

I am using release indicator '6'.

Has anyone ever used one of these user characteristics (USRC1) as part of their release strategy? Did anyone ever have trouble passing a value in USRC1 as part of the SAP enhancement EXIT_SAPLEBND_002?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.


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Check the release indicators in release strategy. First explain your requirement exactly.



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Hi Angela,

Use appropriate release indicator in the release strategy.



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please crisp the scnario , what is real issue .

then if u want u eloborate below the content