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PO Release Strategy for a single Plant

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Dear Friends,

I have created a new release strategy to trigger multiple plants

Release Strategy is triggering in case of PO is having more than one single Plants but not in case of a single plant in one item or multiple items for the same plants.

I know that PO release strategy is at header level so I have not entered plant in CL24N.My purpose is solved in case of aPO is having more thatnn one plant but still i need to get the Release Strategy to trigger in case of any single plant or more than one time by using a single plant in PO.

Has anybody done this? Could you please suggest any logic to be developed if available



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Hi ,

hope i really understood your question,

In standard , if the Relase strategy is configured correctly then the release strategy will trigger for PO with same plant across all line item.

The release strategy cant be determind for multiple Plants in single PO in standard config. you can try using the blank value for aggregates.

refer following SAP notes for more informaiton.

47089 - Release procedure for purching docs - Aggregation

493900 - FAQ: Release Strategy



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Hi Ranjit,

Do you have PLANT as the Characteristics in the Release procedure?

If not there,  add PLANT as Characteristic and make the value as blank and check.