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PO Picked a Price from PIR which is incorrect based on the validity period

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capture.png Purchase Info record has three different prices with three different validity dates.

PO is created for the same material with respect to that vendor, but the price picked up in the PO , is not based on the current validity bracket. Kindly advise why? the system doesn't pick up the same price based on todays validity?

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First check if there is a contract in place and the PO was created against it. It takes priority over PIR.

If this is not the case, check your PIR details, if it is created for the correct vendor/material/Pur.Org. and Plant.

Lastly, check if there was a previous PO for that vendor/material combination. Most likely the price was copied from the previous PO.

Check OSS note 456691 FAQ: Price determination in purchasing, check 3 How does price determination determine the conditions via a 'Last purchase order'?

Also check note 675523 - Conditions are copied from Last Purchase Order that tells that "An info record exists that points to the last Purchase Order but no plant specific conditions exists in this info record." The solution mentions "Use the user parameter EVO to indicate that no price adoption from last Purchase Order must take place".

Hope it helps.