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PO part no and SKU part number different

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I have the Material part no on which we want to do Procurement. and put the material in stock and do valuation. Then I have the Vendors part number which is different than above part no.

Mans if my material code is ABC then Vendors code may be DFG.

I want to have ref of Vendor's mat.code number on PO.

Is it possible to maintain the Vendors part number in material master or in Info record so that it picks up when we create the PO on our material code i.e. ABC for eg.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Since your vendor uses a different number for the material than you used in your system. You can use "Vendor Mat.No" using Purchase Info Record using transaction code ME11.

This Vendor Mat.No,can be quoted in PO for identification purpose.



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