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PO item delivery address reference, stored anywhere?

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Dear experts,

I have been searching around for this for a while but haven't been able to find the answer anywhere yet. For our form output, we need the program to print the delivery address exactly how it is maintained on the PO line item. Actually in the same way the standard program assigned to output NEU behaves: if not all delivery addresses for all line items are the same, the address should be printed for every line item.

This address can be the plant or sloc address, but also a manually maintained one, or one maintained via MEAN. If we maintain an address manually (so not via plant / sloc), is there any table from where the address (nr) can be found? I was hoping to find it via EKPO - ADRNR, but this field does not get updated in the table if we update the delivery address in the PO item. Does this information get updated anywhere else, from where the print program can fetch the address details?

There should be a way to do it, since the standard program can also do it. But how?

Thanks in advance!


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Delivery address generally picks from Plant address but for your case if in PO printout/layout delivery address is different - check in PO smartform, probably delivery address is hardcoded, Cross with with ABAPer on PO smartform design