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PO Item Changes After Order Acknowledgement (AB)

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The vendor approves purchase orders by giving their items the confirmation "AB Order Acknowledgement".

Nevertheless, they may subsequently need to change the quantity or delivery date. Some vendors do multiple changes for a single item after the acknowledgement.

For a quick overview we want to count these changes and make the counts visible.

So far we've considered these strategies:

1) Develop a report based on purchase orders and change documents. This will be very bad performing and not support fast operational decisions.

2) Evaluate change documents periodically. Update a Z table with changes.

3) Evaluate change pointers. Update a Z table with changes.

4) Use a purchase order badi triggered by PO saving. Save counters in a Z table.

5) Consider SAP Vendor Evaluation.

Other strategies may also be considered.

Any recommendations?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mr.Sune ;

I hope that version management can be solution for your problem.

Configuration steps ;

Spro / MM / Purchasing / Version Management / Set Up Version Management for External Purchasing Documents

You have to create a new one for your purchasing organization and do not forget to do active.

Please try , if you get a problem , do not hesitate connect with me.


M.Ozgur Unal

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Thanks to especially Mehmet Ozgur Unal.

The configuration of Version Management is documented at e.g.


I've done this configuration:

SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Version Management > Set Up Version Management for External Purchasing Documents:

(nothing is set to mandatory on the detail level)

SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Version Management > Set Up Change Displays:

As a consequence I now get new versions on PO header level, when I change EKET and EKPO.

Observation 1 - Enable Automatic Version Completion

See SAP note 1887410.

Observation 2 - Dependency on Order Confirmation Status


Observation 3 - Only Header Level

The versions are saved in table EREV. EREV is be prepared for

  • purchasing requisitions on item level
  • purchase orders on header level.

Source: Version Management - Purchasing (MM-PUR) - SAP Library.


Despite observation 3, version management on purchase order item level would have been preferable in this case. However, it may be sufficient to have a counter of:

  1. date changes by the user and
  2. quantity changes by the user

How do you suggest to make such counters (e.g. an extention of table EREV)?

How do you suggest to make such counters visible in the purchase order?

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I suggest go for option 4 or 5, This will also consider system performance.

More preferable will goes to vendor evolution.