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PO Conditions double

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Hi all,

I am facing a problem while creating POs.

I have some header conditions which gets distributed to line items after saving.

For 1st PO everything works fine. But when I create 2nd PO after that all the conditions get copied from 1st PO.

So header conditions also getting copied in line item. If any other user again enter header conditions they also getting copied to line item.

For Ex.

FRA4 is a header condition. Which is getting copied to line item.

In 2nd PO it appears as a line item too without doing any header entry. If I again enter FRA4 at header level then again it copies from header to line item and one more condition is getting added as FRA4 so I have 2 FRA4 conditions in one item.

So I want to check that no conditions should be repeated in any line item.

How can i stop that.

Thanks & Regds,

Sachin J

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Was the ''Group Condition'' indicator checkbox flagged for your condition type in M/06 transaction?. Was the ''Group Condition Routine" field assigned with any value?



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Thanks for your reply.

No Grop Cond is checked and no GrpCond Routin is assigned it is blank.

I want to show error if any conditions getting repeated