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PO Based Invoice Verification

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Hi all

I just wanted to enquire about PO Based invoice verification.

I understand that there is no need for a grv before the invoice is posted.

1. However, is the invoice validated against the PO?

2. Can patial invoices be posted against the PO?

3. Are there any impacts or concerns using PO based invoice verification.

4. If I wish to use PO based invoice verification for some vendors and not others, is there any way to do this?



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For PO based invoice verification, system generates one invoice item in the item list for each PO item.The system propose the qty to settle as the differance between the total delivered qty and the total invoice qty.This means that partial deliveries for a PO item are not flagged as individual invoice items.It makes no differrance wheather you make the allocation using a PO or a delivery note.If you make the allocation with a delivery note system determine the relevant po items with their total quantities to settle --in the same way as if there was a reference to the PO.The system does not only propose the qty from the allocated delivery note.

If there are several goods receipts and invoices for a po item , the PO history does not tell you which invoice cam e from which vendor.

The qustions are self explanatory with the above explanantion.However do not check the box GR Based invoice verification in Vendor or PO for the invoicing to be with PO based.