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PLD: how to do subtotalX - subtotalY ????

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Hi all,

Nobody knows how can i do aritmetic operation between the subtotalX of the subsortX and the subtotalY of the subsortY? Something like that:


1 ghghghg 333.333

2 frfrfrfrfrfrfr 444.444

<b>subtotal1 777.777</b>


1 sadsasda 111.111

2 jygjjhjhjjh 111.111

3 qwqwqw 111.111

<b>subtotal2 333.333</b>

<b>TOTAL INCOMES= 777.777-333.333</b>

Is a way to solve this in PLD?

Thank you for attention.


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Answers (2)

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I post this question to SAP and this is the response:

This would unfortunately not be possible for the reasons you

describe. Referring to the group 2 total will return only the

last value (this is like referring to a value in the repetitive

area). Using a ColSum() on the total won't work as it only

accepts fields from the repetitive area as argument.

Adding a ColSum() to the repetitive area to get a running total

won't group as it continues adding the values continously.

This is a system limitation.


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Create a formular field and substract field1 from field2 (field1 - field2).. or did I not get the question?