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plant wise sale report

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How to get plant wise sales. Please help me out by giving the Tcode.

thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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go through the T code VA05N which is maintained for customer report.

you can enter sales area and plant in the t code and then check sales for the respective customer in that sales area.

you can also check the plant stock availability by using T code. MB 53

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Go To SPRO > Sales and Distribution > Billing > Lists > Define Selection Criteria

Here Go for New Entries Give the following

SAPMV65A in the Prog Name,

7 in TRG,

K in Dis,

SELK in Event,

9 in It,

WERKS in Field Name.

Save it.

Then Goto VF05

Give the Payer (or) Material

Goto - Further Selection Criteria

Select - Plant

Give the Respective plant to which you want the Reports.

Hope this will help full.

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there are lot of standard reports available for this like go to logistics, s and d, standard analysis,sales info, and check all the sales reports if any specific to sales from plant (check inside filters with plants)

hope wthis will hlpe u



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Dear Srinivas

Try with MC+Q.

Alternatively, you can include the following in SPRO setting so that we can generate VF05 report with the option based on Plant.

1. Program Name - SAPMV65A

2. TRG (Transaction Group) - 7

3. Display Group - K

4. Event - SELK

5. It - 9

6. Field Name - WERKS


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hi Srinivas

Using t.code VA05N which is for customer report , you can just enter the sales area and the plant and then check the sales of the customers available in that sales area.

Just for your additional information , using t.code MB53 you can check the Plant Stock Availability