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Planned Maintenance/ Activity but no cycle time

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Hi PM Gurus,

Quite new to Plant Maintenance, and would like to ask a question.

I have a planned program for maintenance of some plantation, which requires maintenance lets say,

on February and October of the year for one type of activity, and maybe June and September of the year, for another activity, so they may not have any cycle time, but they require to maintain it for twice

a year. Its more of a program scheduled for each of numerous activities required to maintain

the plantation.

Is this considered as Preventive Maintenance or Ad-Hoc Maintenance, as there is no exact cycle

time as required to be set for Preventive Maintenance, but its a planned activity.

Thanks so much for your help. Best Regards

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pocoyo ford,

The first question you probably need to answer is whether there is any legal requirement to prove you perform planned/routine/preventive/routine type maintenance. If so, then you will probably need to create maintenance plans (although there are other non-SAP methods too).

If the maintenance is Feb/Oct then you can use a standar 6 monthly cycle. However, you may need to use factory calendar for the Jun/Sep cycle.

But if one equipment toggles between a Feb/Oct and a Jun/Sep cycle, then maintenance plans may not be the most efficient way as you would need to change the maintenance plan each time the cycles change and the administration time may be too great...



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This is one of preventive maintenance scenario you can simply create a single cycle of 6 or 7 months per your requirement.

Preventive maintenance based on either time, performence or Condition so keeping in view the above three maintenance provisioning you can create your plan. and there are lot of possibilities to adjust the dates

well if you don't want to make the date fixed then create a plan with forward date and manually call it when it is required.

I hope this is what you were looking for