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Planned Del. cost ref. to delivery note

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Hi SAP experts,

Please how to enter planned delivery cost in miro ref. to delivery note, i want to post both goods cost and delivery cost in one invoice i know that i can post the goods cost ref. to delivery note and post planned delivery cost ref. to bill of lading but i want to do both in one document so please help if there is any workaround like new condition to post both costs in two separate lines .. Thanks in advance

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it is not possible to invoice planned delivery costs with the selection criteria 'Delivery Note'. By means of this selection criteria only goods items can be invoiced. There is also a technical reason for this , As explained in the note 311496 for planned delivery costs GR-based IV is not possible.

You have got 2 possibilities:

-If you want to have the goods items and the planned delivery costs in
one invoice the only way to do so is to use the selection criteria
'Purchase Order'.

-If you want to invoice the goods item per delivery you must work with
the selection criteria 'Delivery Note'. In this case you must enter
the planned delivery costs seperateley either using the selection
'purchase order' or 'Bill of Lading' .

Regards Erika