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Plan costs calculation during results analysis of sales order

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Hi Experts,

I am in process of implementing sales order costing. I am facing a problem during result analysis with plan costs data.

We have a sales order for which production order is generated. Cost object is sales order.

Say, sales order cost estimate which is the plan costs --> is $ 1000 (which includes prod order COGM of $ 600) (So remaining sales and admin costs are $ 400)

Plan cost of production order is $ 550 (as per production order cost analysis report)

While calculating the result analysis for sales order, system is calculating the plan costs data as $ 1000 + $ 550 = $ 1550

As a result, I feel plan costs data during result analysis is over calculated.

I feel either plan costs should be $ 1000 (as it already includes COGM part)


$ 950 which is (plan cost of production order $ 550 + sales and admin costs of $ 400)

Could some one explain me why result analysis shows plan costs data as $ 1500 and if I need to rectify how can I do so.



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Any suggestions please.

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