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Physical Inventory count posting for a back date

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Hi  SAP Experts,

Greetings to all...

I wish to ask following question:

We have done the physical inventory and facing following problem:

1. I created a physical inventory document on 1st april using MI01

2. All the materials were counted on 1st april and count was posted on 1st April using MI04.

3. There were differences in the count and people started counting on 2nd and 3rd april once again - in the mean while the business started

4. 4th April still the difference was found and the higher management was informed about this.

5. After approval- on 13th april we wanted to post the difference in MI07 but when i am trying to post the difference the system considers the difference with respect to the stock on 13th april where as we were posting the difference considering the 1st april stock.(i have ensured that in MI07 the posting date is mentioned as 1st april).

Please tell me if there is any way we can post the difference such that the system will consider the difference on certain date.

Thanking you in advance



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you post the document on 13th then system will considers only 13th as the finacial acounts gets triggered.I guess it is not possible to post back date.Wait for others reply.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Use MI10 transaction, their you change the posting date as 1st April.

Enter the material code, qty ( here qty is the actual physical quantity you want to upload)

Then enter other details like s.loc, batch if required and then post the document

For example:

Your current stock as on 14th April in system is 400 pc

But the actual stock is 100 PC

Then enter 100 PC in MI10 transaction

So after posting the current system stock will become 100 pc.