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hi guru's

what is the document type of PGI?and where cn i find that?i hv searched tht but i cudnt find,pls cn u tell me.

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Hi Rahul,

I dont think PGI has a seperate document type it is just the movement of goods.

Every PGI will have a movement type but not Document type as you can not create PGI the way you create a delivery or Sales Order.

PGI is a sub process of delivery that is when you physically move goods out of you factory.

If you could tell me your exact requirement it would be easier to explain


Abhishek Swarup

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but sir i thnk it has a document type tht is WL for PGI but i cudnt find where cn i find tht?

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Using document flow you can get the PGI No (material document no)

Using MIGO (display document - material document - PGI No and Year) you can see the details of it.