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PF Calculations

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Hi Guru's,

I have a scenario , where an employee joins on 21st of may and his basic salary (prorated for 11 days ) is 11238.00 .

the pf settings here is minimum of 12% of is his basic and 12% of eligible basis (6500).

now since his basic is more than 6500 his pf contribution should be rs 780. but the system is calculating the basis on prorata basis (basis 6500 * no of days in the month) and coming with an amount approx rs 278. but since his basic is more than 6500 the client says it should rs 780.

How do I answer this issue.

Kindly help as this my first project.

Thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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the system will always prorate and will give u

let us say a person joined on 21 as u say his basic prorated is 3000Rs then it is not proper if 780Rs is cut as a PF amount considering his basic is 9000.

it always prorated



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Is your problem solved? i have an issue with PF and want it to be prorated as how it is happening at ur end?

if the emp is absent for 5days and his PF proration should also happen basing on 780 only not on his prorated basic amount.

can you share inputs on this?