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Permit in PM Order

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Hi Gurus

We have controlled the total cost in PM order in order type PM01  by applying the permit method, but now we have found the users can override this control by the method  given below.

IW31 - While creating the order the user enters the component "ABCD" with qty 5 nos. The order value exceeds the amount in permit specified .

The user  then changes the qty to 2 and  now the value  of the order is  within the specified permit limit  and the system allows the user to  release the order. After releasing the order and without saving  the user goes back to the component tab and changes the qty to 5 nos and saves the order.

Even though the order is released , and the qty is changed, the system should check the permit value and should not allow the user to save

the order.

Is there any  method to over come this issue. Pls help



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This scenario applies to labour and purchase changes too.

You would only be able to effectively control this via development.

I've done this a few ways in the past:

  1. Copy the planned costs to the estimated cost field at order RELEASE
  2. Copy the planned costs to a "Z" field on the Enhancement tab at order RELEASE
  3. Check the costs haven't changed between RELEASE and SAVE.


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Thanks Pete. Will talk to abapers about your idea , and will get back asap