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PCA distribution cycle Process

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Hi all,

we have an issue where when we ran the Product cost collector and captured the production overhead. it posted the values on the co side like.

a credit amt to the Corp CC and a Debit to the Plant CC where the production happened. now when they are running a P&L (report writer report) based on Profit center there are credit values on the corp PC and the user doesnt want those credit amounts to show up on the CORP PC and he wants us to send them back to the Plant CC

so that it will be a NET ZERO. on both the PC's at plant level and CORP level.

i am trying to create Distribution cycle as the cost elements are not the Assessment type but created as a Overhead type 42.

here is the cycle info..


Ledger                        8A                 Profit Center Accounting     

Cycle                         ACTOVHD1    PCA Distribution Cycle 1     

Segment Name          PCA DIST       PCA Dist. Cycle for plant 1051





  Sender rule                   Posted amounts                 

  Share in %                    100.00  %                     

  Act. vals                                   



  Receiver rule                 Variable portions             

  Var.portion type              Actual Local Currency         

  Scale Neg. Tracing Factors    Absolute value (negative to positive)

Senders/Receivers TAB:

                           From                     To               


Account Number  80000001                 89000001         

Company Code    100                                       

Profit Center        99000                                     

Version               0                                         

Deprec. area                                               

Functional Area    PROD                                       

RA Version                                                 


Profit Center         10510                                     

Receiver Tracing Factor TAB:


Var.portion type                      Actual Local Currency         

Scale Neg. Tracing Factors    Absolute value (negative to po



                             From                     to               

  Account Number  80000001                 89000001         

  Version                0                                         

  Functional Area    PROD                                       

  Stat. key fig.                                             

Receiver weighing Factor TAB


Profit Ctr                                               Factor per        100

10510                                                                          100 

Now i went to 4KE5 transaction to run the cycle in Test Mode.

Summary Page:

Controlling Area        IBC                                                                                 

Company Code         100                                                                                 

Version                    0                                                                                   

Add. unit of measure                                                                                     

Currency 2              USD                                                                                 

Currency 3              USD                                                                                 

Functional Area      PROD                                                                                

Fiscal Year             2013                                                                                

Record Type            0                                                                                   

Ledger                   8A                                                                                  

Period                    005                                                                                 

No. of messages      4     Maximum Category     Warning                                                  

Processing status    TestRun                                                                             


Processing completed with warnings                                                                       



Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 4Header 5Header 6Header 7
Cycle       Start DateText P SendersNumber of receiversNo. of messages
ACTOVHD109/23/2012PCA Distribution Cycle 1   U     0 0     4    

i ran it in the test mode and it gives me the output with warnings and says no sender or receivers in the cycle. so was not able to understand.

any one have any input please.



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Answers (1)

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Kindly check Senders/Receivers Tab once, also check proper receivers are maintained or not.



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Hi there,

thank you for reply. but that is what i am not able to understand, and thats the reason i have described all the steps in my issue. for me it looks like i have given all the information, but not able to figure out what is wrong in this scenario i have presented above.

Thank you