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Hi all,

This is my scenario

1, I have run the payroll for the trainees till april month.But after running the payroll only,I got the information that the trainee got confirmend in Feb,his salary ,payroll area also got changed.

So after running the payroll,can we make changes in the previous date(Giving Feb date).

2, Now what we have done is we have deleted the payroll records from Feb till april.

and in PA40 made the necessary changes.

Then I run the simulation payroll for 12th period ie for March month.Its taking retro run of Feb since I dint run the Feb Month payroll .Till this it is fine.I dint run the live run for 12th period because I want the arrear amount from Feb to April to come in may payslip

But when I run the payroll for May 12 (ie 2nd period of 2008),it is showing error that payroll is not run for 12 th period.If I run the 12 period payroll ,then arrear amount will not be displayed.

So how can I go ahaead,.

Please advise

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Deletion of payroll recods was not necessay. You could have run the payroll after changing the hiring date and payroll area and then run the payroll in april/may. Cross financial year retro would have run and the arrears amounts would have been taken care.

Now that you have deleted the payroll records he situation is different.Payroll run is a must and mandatory in the month of march. There is no other option. So you can try this:

Step 1: Run payroll till march 2008 (live mode).

Step 2: Now run payroll for the month of May 2008.

You will not get the error.

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Hi Prasad

I tried the second way you have mentioned

First i did change the control record and run the payroll for the month of Feb and March. In March payslip, Feb salary was showing as arrears.

Like wise when i tried for the month of May, April salary was showing as arrear.

Similarly wen we run the payroll for May month,why it is not picking arrear from Feb month onwards ?


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Due to some audit problem because FY 2007-2008 has been closed by accounts. So is there any other solution