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Payroll area is locked for master data - Does not lock all infotypes

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We have released the payroll area. So when hr administrators go in to enter / edit data,

it allows to edit certain infotypes while not other infotypes. We want to lock all infotypes from been edited once the payroll area is released.

is it a infotype level setting? I tried to see in PM01 but did not find any particular setting that influenced this behavior

Appreciate any inputs rere

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Answers (2)

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Status 'released for payroll' only blocks the fields defined as payroll relevant (if im not wrong you customize it in view V_582A_D), you dont want to customize all fields to be payroll relevant, as it would trigger retroactivity every time you modify them.

I had to deal with your req. to block PA30 long time ago, I remember I end up with 2 options:

1) Block PA30 with trx SM01 - drawback here would be that you have to ask the basis guys to block/unblock it everytime you run payroll, and no one would be able to access it (not very flexible)

2) Block PA30 with a program that writes the table TSTC with an auth. object for PA30 transaction, this new Z program could be assigned to the payroll guys, and you can even grant them the authorization object that is set to PA30, so that even when its blocked they can access PA30 (tipically they will need to correct master/transactional data while running payroll)

Hope that was helpful,

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when payroll is released , master data is locked for past and present payroll periods , changes can be done for the futer dates. This is the standard functionality.

if your requirement is not to make changes ,you can lock the PA30 transaction .